Three Reasons To Use Online Supplemental Education Resources When Your Child Attends School In Person

In the past year, children and parents across the United States have been introduced to various kinds of distance education. Many families have had to start online school without preparation or skills in online learning and are happy to return to physical schools as they reopen. But even if your child is attending in-person school this semester, there are several reasons why you should consider keeping them active in online supplemental education. 

Your Child Learns How to Use Online Learning Platforms

Learning new software takes time and energy away from learning actual educational lessons. Many students may struggle to keep up with their academic load while also learning how to manage conference calls, online assignments, and other aspects of distance learning. By keeping your child active in online classes, you can be sure they are up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in online learning in case they need it again. 

Your Child Becomes Comfortable With Distance Classes 

Online classes are not only difficult because of the new technology, but also because they rely on a different classroom culture than in-person classes. Many children can be shy about using a camera or microphone at first. They may be timid about using screen-sharing technology to write on a digital white board. All this can combine to make usually outgoing kids less engaged with online classes. 

However, with time a child will adjust to online learning and become more comfortable participating. By enrolling your child in supplemental online education, you create a low-stress environment for them to learn the culture of online learning. 

Many Classes Are Going Hybrid 

Even if your child attends a physical school, many teachers are switching to hybrid learning models that involve children completing and submitting homework assignments online, working in online groups for projects, and sharing attendance records and progress reports with parents through online portals. This is especially true in many colleges and universities, so it is important your child is prepared for an online learning experience, no matter what their primary learning experience is. 

Now is an exciting time to enroll your child in supplemental online education. In the past year, a lot of time and resources have gone into boosting and developing the online learning experience. Because of this, you will find more online support, better communities, and great deals for online classes. Whether you've considered online learning before or are just getting started, your child will benefit from these advances. 

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