What Not To Do During ACT Test Prep

Test scores matter, especially when it comes to the ACT. From your probability of admission to scholarship and program opportunities, admission boards and counselors measure the aptitude of each student, in part, based on their test scores. To achieve a top-tier score, you must know what mistakes to avoid as you prep for this monumental exam.

Fail to Leave Room for Failure

The ACT exam does not follow a one-and-done model. Fortunately, students have the opportunity to take the exam again until they achieve the score they want. As you prepare, you should never have in the back of your mind that you can only take the test one time. While you want to aim to score well each time you take the exam, the idea that you have one opportunity to do so can cause too much stress, and ultimately, cause you to be less successful.

Focus on the Score, Not the Answers

The score is very important, but as you prep for the test, you want to focus on the answers on the practice test — not the score you achieved. When you complete the practice exam, you want to use each incorrect answer as a review guide. More specifically, you want to focus much of your study time on those incorrect areas. If you only look at the score, you miss the opportunity to see where your weaknesses rest and your opportunity to study to improve your knowledge in these areas.

Study in Long Blocks

Do not make the mistakes of studying the same subject for long blocks of time. For example, if you plan to dedicate 4 hours of study time, don't spend 3 of those hours studying science alone. You should instead break up the time. For example, if you need to study language arts, science, and math, only study each area for about an hour, take a short break, and then move on to the next topic. Studying the same subject for too long can cause you to become less focused and lose some of the information you learned.

Test Prep Tutor

You don't have to struggle with your test prep; you can partner with a tutor who will work closely with you to ensure you avoid these and many other mistakes. With their assistance, you can study and prepare for the test in a more personalized way to reduce stress, greatly improve your chance of scoring higher on the exam, and improve your chances of greater opportunities with your higher score.

Keep these factors in mind as you prepare for your ACT exam, and most importantly, remember that there is a prep tutor available to help you along the way.

For more information, contact an ACT test prep tutor in your area.

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Test scores matter, especially when it comes to the ACT. From your probability of admission to scholarship and program opportunities, admission boards

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