What To Expect From A Classroom Walkthrough

When you are busy teaching your class, an administrator might walk into your classroom. This is done to audit your classroom to make sure that you are effective and that the students are able to learn in your classroom. If your school will perform a walkthrough, you'll need to know what to expect as an educator. Then, the walkthrough won't be nerve-wracking because you'll be prepared.

Goals of a Walkthrough

If you are a new teacher, you shouldn't be too worried about a classroom walkthrough. The goal of the walkthrough is to find out if you're catching on to what is expected of you. As long as you are making improvements and listening to feedback, you'll be fine.

Many schools try to perform as many classroom walkthroughs as they can because they want their teachers to become comfortable with the process. Also, one of the goals of a walkthrough is to show that the principal takes teaching seriously and is concerned with the overall health of the school. To make you feel more comfortable, a walkthrough will often be informal and brief. In many cases, the individual performing the walkthrough will sit in the back of the classroom and not interrupt.

Teacher Feedback

After the walkthrough, you'll receive feedback. A great classroom walkthrough tailors its feedback toward how well the students are learning rather than focusing on the method of teaching since the ultimate goal is to ensure that the teacher is reaching the students.

Walkthrough Look-Fors

Each walkthrough has what are known as "look-fors". Every school is different and you'll want to know what your particular school is looking for. They will often look at the room to determine if it is disorganized because a disorganized room is often a warning sign of disorganized instructions. The room should be neat and tidy and you should appear ready for the lesson.

Regardless of the lesson that you are teaching, if the students are not paying attention, your lesson is not effective. When teachers see students distracted by their phones or doing homework for another class, they often assume that they simply need to enforce the rules of the classroom. However, with a classroom walkthrough, you'll receive feedback on ways that you can make your classroom more engaging.

Another common look-for is if your classroom is rigorous. You should have high expectations for your students and should always be looking for ways to challenge them. By challenging your students and by being challenged by administrators, you can become a more effective teacher.

For more information, you can reach out to a classroom walkthrough service.

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