Advance Your Bird Watching Interest

Learning about native bird species and checking out your back yard or public places that you frequent in search of birds, can be an enjoyable hobby. Purchase yourself a bird watching mug set and use one of the mugs as the holder of a fresh-brewed cup of coffee or tea, and give the remaining mugs to friends and family members to encourage them to participate in the bird watching hobby themselves.

Decide Upon A Set

Birds are prevalent in different parts of the world, and a set of mugs can be reflective upon the native birds that are commonly found in the town that you live in or other species that are typically found elsewhere. Choose a set that correlates to the species that interests you. If you have been tracking birds that come to your yard and are fairly certain about some distinct varieties, buy a set that includes this grouping.

If you are more interested in the educational aspect of bird watching and want to familiarize yourself with species that you haven't seen up close before, purchase a set that encompasses a wide range of birds and that also provides some pertinent details about their behaviors. A mug set may include printed pictures of birds, plus a detailed description of each variety and which part of the world the variety is normally found in. Behavioral characteristics may also be included in a description that is printed on each mug that is part of a set.

Choose Extra Items To Fill The Mugs With

Adding a small bag of birdseed, a bird bookmark, or a manual that pertains to bird watching will increase the "wow" factor of the gift that you give to each loved one or friend who you choose. Pick up a large bag of seed from a supplier, and fill individual baggies with the seed, before depositing a bag into each mug. Buy bookmarks or manuals in bulk, and also add one to each mug.

Invite Others

After you get used to using your new special mug to enjoy a hot beverage while you are bird watching, give the other mugs to the people who you have selected, and ask them if they would like to go bird watching with you. Either meet in your kitchen or a public venue to partake in the observation of birds. This ritual can become a favorite pastime of yours and will also help you broaden your understanding of various bird species.

For more information on bird watching mugs, contact a supplier near you.

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